Night club – is an entertaining institution for young people, a way of spending free evening time. Night clubs respectively operate late at night. There is no standard set of services places, but usually, in a nightclub, there is a dance floor, bar, chill out.
Such entertainment facilities earn a fee at the entrance, on the sale of alcohol and snacks. The number of visitors to the club is from several dozen to several hundred. The internal security service in charge of monitoring suspicious visitors. On this purpose  the internal rules of admission to the institution with face control and dress control are established.

Safety for the client is the main condition when visiting such institutions. The management of the night club, in addition to ensuring safety and improving the level of the entertainment program of the institution, sets itself the task of achieving economic efficiency of the business.

Success comes with the formation of a permanent clientele and ensuring the purity and transparency of the money turnover. The owner of the institution knows that financial flows through the hands of employees are a strong incentive for abuse of staff. It is impossible to assign a controller to each place where the payment is made. Even if there is such a position, there is no guarantee that after a time the controller will not become an accomplice.

Cash flows can be controlled by an independent video surveillance system. Properly organized video control of cash transactions helps to prevent cases of theft, machination and fraud, as well as to establish such facts with the provision of irrefutable, objective, independent evidence.

Places of payment in a nightclub are located at the entrance of visitors, in a bar, in a quiet rest area - chill out. Installing surveillance cameras and recording all cash events ensures the accuracy of the amount of revenue collected over the evening. A difficult place of circulation of money is the bar in the establishment, where various machinations of staff are possible:

  • substitution or shortage of alcohol with "saving" money by a bartender for its own benefit;
  • manipulations with receipts;
  • any discrepancies of the order and input information on the cash register;
  • receiving money without receipt giving.

Video control of cash registers together with usage of external surveillance on cloud-based technology can fix and prove the fact of an offense.

The company Glaz Systems provides money management services within commercial enterprises. We organize a continuous process of monitoring via the Internet for the actions of employees when they are receiving money from customers. In the reports for the company's management, we combine video with information from the cash register, which gives accurate information about all events related to the receipt of cash or payment via bank cards. The manager receives an evidence base for decision making.

Our operators monitor the entire process of money turnover in the institution and give an objective picture of fraud, manipulation, and abuse by the staff of the institution.