The holiday is coming: control of the institution during holidays

The profit of any trading company directly depends not only on the level of sales, but also on how successfully management is able to reduce money damage. One of the main so-called “consumable” items is the theft of employees, who work in shops, restaurants and other institutions. Such violations occur quite often, sometimes even constantly, which certainly affect the profitability of the enterprise.

How to avoid violations during holidays

As practice shows, most often frauds at the checkout and other points of the institution become more frequent during the pre-holiday bustle. Money and commodity turnover of trading companies increases during this period, and therefore the temptations of dishonest employees become much more. This applies not only to shops, but also to public catering establishments - theft at the bar is also increasing during holidays.

Barmen often use the fact that the number of drunk guests increases significantly, so they do not fill up elite alcohol or substitute expensive alcohol for a cheaper one. In all such situations, careful control of the institution is required. Otherwise, the owner of the shop, restaurant or cafe will definitely lose an impressive amount of money.

How do frauds take place at the checkout?

In fact, the staff is extremely "talented" and inventive in the case of finding the most convenient options for cheating. The most popular methods include:

  • not all products are scanning – in this case the ‘special’ buyer helps the cashier, they are in collusion with each other;
  • the check is closed after payment - if an inattentive buyer does not take his check away, the fraudster gets a personal discount, closes the check, and takes remaining money;
  • inclusion of additional goods in the check - such frauds at the checkout are possible when in the pre-holiday bustle the buyer purchases a lot of goods and does not control his payment; after his leaving, the cashier makes a cancellation, and takes remaining money.

As for dishonest barmen, in addition to types of theft at the bar, which have already been mentioned, they also can be following types:

  1. carrying their drinks instead of those that the institution buys;
  2. dilution of alcohol with water;
  3. using one cheque several times;
  4. not entering data of the sale of the drink in the system;
  5. taking coffee from the grinder without using the scroll handle, which allows to count the issued portions.

Anyway, both theft at the bar and other frauds in the trading halls and at the checkout will flourish as long as the owner of the institution does not take seriously the use of preventive measures.

How to organize inspections correctly

There are two basic principles of working with staff in retail trade and public catering establishments around the world:

  • team building for security and surveillance;
  • rotation of low-level employees.

Despite of all the efforts, the number of thefts in the percentage ratio is practically not reduced. That is why the most optimal way is to control the institution with the help of special equipment. In this case, we are talking about the remote control system of cash transactions GLAZ, which nowadays is the most convenient and reliable. Thanks to it, the heads of HoReCa institutions have the opportunity to:

  • control all actions of the cashier;
  • audit cash transactions;
  • get accounts, statistics, a

Employees of the company will help you to carry out constant control of an institution, providing service in installation of "turnkey system". You will not need pay money to security agencies and regularly recruit new staff.

GLAZ systems is cash discipline and high financial security of your institution.