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The remote control system of cash transactions

The company GLAZ offers business leaders to obtain qualified and independent control of personnel which engaged in the service sector and retail sales.

Very often, HoReCa establishments, as well as various trading platforms, face problems and inconsistencies between the paid and the goods that were issued to the buyer. From such an unfair work of staff, the financial losses of a business can reach over 20% of the profits.

The project "GLAZ" comprehensively solves these types of problems and allows you to identify the offender. You can easily check the goods that were sold with the goods that were actually issued to the customer. Or you can contact us to connect our operators to the work.

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Learn more about your employees

Our control system of cash operations helps management to efficiently manage personnel and workflow in a commercial enterprise. Experienced managers know how difficult it is to achieve high responsibility, absolute honesty, compliance with norms, rules, and laws on the part of hired employees.

Control cashiers

Control cashiers

Employees who are aware of the existence of CCTV workflow, in most cases, aren't solved for abuse.

Financial auditing

Financial auditing

Analysis of all personnel actions with money and material goods. Check on honesty and professionalism in work.

Reports, statistics, analytics

Reports, statistics, analytics

GLAZ shows in the video, the basic cash transactions: the addition or removal of goods, the goods sold, bills, a refuse, discount, cancel, cancellation, input/output operator and others.

Internal control system

Internal control system

Non-observance of these norms leads to a violation of the law and banal negligence in the workplace.

Detection unrecorded sales violations

Detection unrecorded sales violations

The risk of a company to have high rates of theft always exists, so the control of the bartender, cashier, warehouse worker, kitchen, all staff is necessary and relevant.

CCTV operators

CCTV operators

We provide a cloud-based control system with operating remote operators that effectively detect violations at the cash register.



Working Process



We process your application, create an account


Connect the camera and your automation system to our server


We synchronize all cash operations with video surveillance


Choose a tariff and use the system

Monitoring of POS-terminals

Detailed filters and statistic of the receipts allow you to analyze the situation in the institution in detail


Algorithms of detecting dangerous operations save time in finding out suspicious situations


The success of your business depends on the competence and honesty of the staff. The system provides an opportunity to assess the quality of employees's work, without distracting them from performing duties


We provide a cloud-based control system with existing remote operators that detect violations at the checkout counter effectively. Now client receives the reports and proofs to his account and does not spend his precious time.



We are an outsourcing company that knows how to organize remote control of cash transactions and has an intellectual resource for this. The system of cash operations control GLAZ consists of the following elements:

Glaz desktop
IP or analog cameras

IP or analog cameras

High-resolution digital video cameras that are installed and owned by the enterprise. Purchase of additional equipment is not required.

POS - terminal

POS - terminal

Equipment for the work of the cashier and the program GLAZ Module, which transmits via the Internet information about all operations on the remote server.

GLAZ operator

GLAZ operator

Remote operator center, which is engaged in the analysis of information stored on the server and video, recording all violations at the cash register.



GLAZ System's own remote servers with independent infrastructure and scalability. They store all the data from the cash register of enterprises and CCTV cameras.

GLAZ Control Panel

GLAZ Control Panel

Personal account of the client, in which there is a reporting control operator, detailed filters and statistic of the receipts. All this allows you to analyze in detail the situation in the institution.



Notifies about violations and account status

Customers Trust Us

Pizzeria Сelentano
Georgian restaurant Khinkalnya
Cafe chain Aroma Kava
Company Merry Berry
ЛюЛя caucasian kitchen
Мережа суші-барів Doshi Doshi
Pizzeria Mister Cat
Tayger Pizza Bar
Company «БОБО Бар»
Disco radio hall
The first bakery
Examples of using

For whom the system is suitable

Shopping center

Ability to control tenants


Bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, hotels


Shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons

Financial activities

Banks, currency exchange offices, pawn shops


Allows you to control the turnover of the franchisee

Other facilities

Gas stations, ski equipment rental, rental of tourist equipment


Differences from competitors


  • Connection is free
  • 100 check events for free
  • 14 days for free use
  • Function GLAZ Operator
  • The cost of equipment installation
  • License fee
  • Expensive equipment

GLAZ Control

Other systems


Supported Systems

POS-system Poster
POS-system 1C
POS-system Microinvest
POS-system iiko
POS-system R-keeper
POS-system Підкова
POS-system BarBoss
POS-system АйТиКафе
POS-system Profit
POS-system ProPOS
POS-system Ultra
POS-system Libro
POS-system B52
POS-system Liman
POS-system Servio
POS-system АБ система
POS-system Unisystem
POS-system X-Pos
POS-system GoodWIN
POS-system Open-Store
POS-system Frontol
POS-system Lunch POS
POS-system Jowi
POS-system PC-Service
POS-system Dish

Our Achievements

IT-Forum Zaporizhia

Courses in the international online school Y Startup School

Cloud technology involves the continuous development of internal intellectual resources of the company. To this end, the Glaz Systems team successfully completed a 10-week course at the international online business school - Y Startup School, which covers 140 countries and 2,880 founders.

Startup Battle Dnipro

GLAZ has become the official cloud cash Poster

Now integration for our clients in this system will be just three clicks! Poster Marketplace - the first marketplace of a restaurant and similar services in the CIS. Our application for cafes and restaurants turned out to be placed on the Poster Marketplace, gaining access to 5000+ potential customers.

Startup Battle Time to grow a horn

GLAZ - a strategic partner of Microinvest

GLAZ system has entered the status of strategic partners of Microinvest, the leader of the Bulgarian market in accounting and accounting software. It has more than 50,000 unique users in Bulgaria, and more than 8,000 in the CIS. This company operates on an international level, in more than 26 countries around the world.


To connect the service GLAZ Control Panel requires:
- Stable Internet connection from 5 Mbit/s.
- Static and public IP address

We guarantee that each reviewed receipt or an event by our specialists corresponds to the decision that the operator made. If there is an error in this decision, we will refund your money.

Connection to the GLAZ system is completely free. The only exception is the 1C accounting system.

1. To configure the IP camera, we need remote access (via TeamViewer or AmmyAdmin or AnyDesk) to a computer inside the local network that is connected to the same router to which the IP camera is connected.
2. IP-address, login, and password to log into the router. This is needed to configure port 554 forwarding for the RTSP protocol of the IP camera (or IP DVR). If you wish, you can configure the forwarding of 554 ports on the router yourself.
3. IP-address, login, and password to enter the IP-camera (or IP-DVR).
4. Remote access (via TeamViewer or AmmyAdmin or AnyDesk) to a POS terminal with a trading automation system (POS system).
5. Administrator password in the POS system to access the settings of printers and templates.
6. Password cashier in the POS-system for testing printing.
7. It is necessary to ask two questions to the provider who provides Internet services to your establishment:
а) The external IP address of the router is "public" or "private", that is, it is real or is located behind the NAT of the provider. If the external IP-address of the router is "private" - this issue needs to be addressed further with the Internet Service Provider.
б) The external IP address of the router is static or dynamic, that is, each time the router is turned on, it is given different IP addresses or the same IP address. If the external IP-address of the router is dynamic, it is necessary to order the service "static IP" from the Internet provider.

Operating system, one of the following: Windows XP SP2 x86/ x64, Windows XP SP3 x86, Windows Vista x86/ x64, Windows 7 x86/ x64, Windows 8 x86/ x64, Windows 8.1 x86/ x64, Windows 10 x86/x64
Processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics: SiS Mirage Graphics (16 MB)
Disk space:2 GB
Mouse, keyboard (or touch screen)
1 Mbps Internet connection (plus 3 Mbps for each camera)

Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit OS required)
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser latest version
Multi-core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz
Graphics: Intel (R) HD Graphics 2000 (256 MB)
Mouse, keyboard
Internet connection 10 Mbps
Recommended monitor with a diagonal of 22-24 inches and a screen resolution of 1920x1080